"Treat Your Soul" 

2 Hours

 Each 2 hour body/energy session

 focuses on support of your physical and emotional connection.


It is in the precise union of the physical and energetic that the real power of bodywork lies.

        Structural Massage:
 Focusing on any physical discomforts
Loosening muscles, soothing the nervous system 
 Relaxing you mentally & emotionally
Energy Work:
Clearing aura disturbances
Stimulating the 7 primary chakras
Balancing the primary polarities of the body.
This combination is key to accessing your natural flow:
 Mind & body connection for integrated movement, clarity in thinking, emotional stability & healthier digestion.  


                        Responsive and sensitive
 to everyone’s individual needs, Mary is devoted to helping you achieve an over all sense of 
Balance, Awareness, and Self.

Adding greater quality to the choices we make
 and who we are each and every day of our life!

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