Seasonal Massages 

90 min $90

Each Sensory Stimulating Massage 

Awakens and Guides Your External and Internal Systems 

to embrace it's natural adaptation for each unique season, 

as it Strengthens Your Immune System and Raises Your Natural Vibration.

Spring Massage

March, April, May

A massage that focuses on priming your joints and muscles to work together so you will be flexible. Recharged with light energy work which balances you from head to toe you'll be ready for all the added demands of this season.

Summer Massage

June, July, August

Fast paced and invigorating with a detailed sports massage which will keep your muscles and circulation moving at optimum levels. Followed up with a peppermint foot and calf massage that is perfect for igniting your reflexes for the inticements of this season.


Seasonal Massage

Fall Massage

September, October, November

Stimulates your immune system and detoxes with a head to toe lymphatic drainage massage. Incorporating an abdominal massage that helps in flushing out the  digestive tract.This puts your system in the natural letting go mode of this season.

Winter Massage 

December, January, February

Deep muscle soothing with hot stone massage, incorporated with subtle energy alignment that nurtures your soul. These two treatments are key components to this relaxing therapeutic massage. It's the perfect blend to face the natural elements of this season.

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