Healing Massage
                            Exploring The Journey

The body is the most magical self-healing organism on the planet - and guess what triggers that self healing...

Simple Healing Touch 

Touch that connects with your soul.

Touch that respects the journey of your life and properly values the history

 that twisted and compressed your tissues. 

Touch that listens to your body dialog, allowing your muscles to release when you are ready.

 Gerry Pyves


Progression of Healing Massage

Adapted with inspiration from No Hands Touch by Gerry Pyves

This progressive step by step process is designed to guide and assist each individual to unveil your own body and mind's capacity to work more efficiently together, which in turn 

triggers your body's own Self Healing.


Four 90 min Sessions

 Step 1 Structural ( Focused Massage)

Addressing any short or long term pain is key to this first step. When you hurt less you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.This healing session allows your body to ignite a higher level of self healing. 


Step 2 Nurturing (Massage and Guided Breathe Meditation)
 Scheduled 2 weeks - one month after Step 1

With focus only on your breathe and subtle body cues your system is naturally and instinctively repairing and letting go in all the right places...physically, mentally and emotionally.

Step 3 Re-connect (Massage and Deep Meditation )

Scheduled 2 weeks - one month after Step 2

In this blissful state of well being, you can easily drift off...not focusing on any particular thing. This "letting go" allows our body to rejuvenate uninterrupted from your usual thoughts, allowing for deeper physical, mental and emotional downtime.


Step 4 Replenish (Massage and Energy Work)

 Scheduled 2 weeks - one month after Step 3

The purpose of this treatment is to allow the bodys own natural and deep reservoirs of energy to rebuild again. This is achieved by a very focused and light touch of Energy Work.

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