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Mary was absolutely amazing! I went to learn a little more about energies and have a massage and she was very knowledgeable, taught me some great techniques and then used energy in the massage and it was amazing! Today I feel so much lighter and am going to continue working on my Heart-Wall and the Emotion Code. I absolutely recommend seeing her!

Customer since March 2018



This was my first visit with Mary. She is very attuned to her clients needs and does a wonderful job. I would highly recommend her to my friends, both for their physical and inner/spiritual needs.

Customer since April 2017


She puts me back together every time......

I've gone to Mary for years. I always walk in disheveled and aching from life's wild trials and she knowingly guilds my mind body spirit back into alignment. It's like having an amazing meal after fasting for a week. Thank you Mary for all you do.

Customer since February 2011

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