Emotional Chains

Those unconscious feelings that end up running our lives.

A self help tool to release Emotional Baggage.

Accessing your own body's "computer hard drive" with muscle testing to get to the root of trapped emotions.

Often times our body simply needs us to be aware of what we're holding onto before
 we can let it go.

1st Introductory Session
60 min  Session $50

In my studio
20 min $40
After 1st Intro session
Typical session releases 3 - 6 trapped emotions.


Proxy Session
Distance Healing
 60 min $50
Done by phone or email
Contact me to set up an appointment

  What can be accomplished with an Emotion Code Session?

* Identifying troubling trapped emotions.
* Releasing the underlying causes of many
 imbalanced energy frequencies.
* Allowing limiting beliefs to be set free.
* Changes in behaviors that are not currently serving you.

Positive results are often felt immediately: Feeling lighter, less pain or anxiety regarding the issue addressed.

Our body must process experiences we go through, releasing trapped emotions that have been a part of you for years may take  1 - 7 days to realign. 

Typical symptoms might be similar to detoxing;
- emotional sensitivity
- difficulty sleeping
- need for extra sleep
- vivid dreams

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