Distance Healing
with detailed Report

Q: How does it work? 
 All sessions begin with a discussion of your personal goals. 

Proxy muscle testing is used with energy healing techniques that support transformation.

Energy follows intent. No matter where you are in the world energy will flow there even when hundreds or thousands of miles separate us. Think of it this way, every day when you use your cell phone or laptop you are accessing a network that allows you to use your device and download/upload any type of data or to simply communicate with another being. In the same way, we use an energy based network that allows us to send and receive information and energy that is directed to heal, uplift, empower, and expand another spiritually.

Q Who can benefit from a distance healing session? 
 Simply put- everyone! 

 We all experience difficulties in our lives and often look for outside assistance. Unlike talk therapy, distance healing sessions are designed to get to the heart of your personal issue, release the underlying trapped energy, and help you heal and recover your life force. For some, that means physical health improves and peace of mind returns; whereas for others, confidence surges, relationships improve, and happiness abounds! 

Here is just a small list of possible areas in which to focus healing so that you can begin to thrive.

 Illness & Disease
 Autoimmune Disorders
 Chronic Polarity Reversal
 Anxiety & Depression
 Accidents & Injuries
 Trauma & Abuse
 Healing Relationships
 Self-Esteem Issues
 Painful Memories
 Removing Blockages to success, abundance, &/or creativity.

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